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I recently went to visit Joanna, founder of Mallow + White at her home workshop in Hertfordshire and we made some of our collaboration product, Blossom Balm, together! I thought it would be fun to go behind the scenes to show exactly how our natural balm is made from beginning to end – from the raw ingredients to the making process to the final product! We worked together to come up with the idea from start to finish – I love balms so I knew that would be a product I’d love to make with Joanna, so it was very exciting to make some together! 

Blossom Balm Mallow and White

Whilst there are only six ingredients inside Blossom Balm, they are all chosen for specific reasons as they have wonderful benefits for the skin. 

I’ll start with sunflower oil – a lovely, gentle & moisturising oil that’s high in vitamins, then we have camellia oil which is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and omegas 3, 6 & 9.

The next ingredient is beeswax which is a wonderful nourishing ingredient that locks moisture into the skin and apricot kernel oil as it helps to nourish skin and retain suppleness. To finish, we add a few drops of lavender essential oil which helps to cleanse the skin and rosemary essential oil. The beeswax is melted down from pellets into an oil, and the other oils are carefully added before the blend is poured into jars and left to set.

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We chose ingredients that are not only wonderful for the skin but also that bees love – you’ll often spot bees buzzing around lavender, sunflowers and camellia flowers! 

There are so many uses for this balm too – as a cleanser, overnight mask or simply anywhere else that needs a little bit of nourishing! To use as a cleanser, gently massage a small amount onto dry skin in small circular movements. It will turn into a lovely oil on application with the skin. Remove by wiping away with a warm damp cloth. As a replenishing overnight mask simply massage the balm into face for a softening, restorative boost.


As there is no water inside the product, it means there’s no need for preservatives or any extra ingredients to keep it fresh. Once opened the jar will last six months and you only need a small amount each time as it’s so concentrated with natural ingredients.

To finish, we added the labels by hand and waited for them to set. The end result; a beautiful, natural, handmade balm, made in small batches & with love!




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