10% of our profits are donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

At Nectar & Bumble we’re doing everything that we can to help raise awareness of the devastating decline of the bees and we donate 10% of our profits to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. We thought we’d share a little bit more about our chosen charity and what they do to help save the bees.

The BBCT was established as there are serious concerns about the plight of the bumblebee. In the last 80 years, the UK’s bumblebee populations have crashed, with two species becoming nationally extinct and several others declining dramatically.

Their main aims are to support the conservation of all bumblebees, rare or abundant, and to raise awareness and increase understanding about bumblebees and the social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits which they and other pollinators provide.

Bumblebees are an extremely important component of our biodiversity and with several species threatened, the BBCT work hard to ensure that populations of these species have a long-term future in the UK. Not only are bumblebee’s fun to watch and identify, but they contribute significantly to our economy through the ecosystem service that their pollination of crops provides. Pollination is vital for many of the nation’s wild plants, and without pollinators we risk losing a third of the food we put on our plate.

Get involved

You can volunteer to help the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in a variety of different ways. You can do a bee walk somewhere near where you live. All you have to do is choose a route to walk around 1-2km and spot as many bees as you can. Repeat once a month and record your findings to submit to BBCT. You’d need to have quite a lot of knowledge identifying bees to do this so if you’re a complete beginner you might be better starting with the Blooms for Bees app/website to record bee sightings in the garden/allotment.

Did you know there are many different types of bees in the UK? 24 bumblebees, 1 honey bee and 250 solitary bees. Identifying bees can be a lot of fun and you’ll find tonnes of information on which bees you’re spotting on the BBCT website, along with other helpful tips & tricks and what to do if you come across a bumblebee nest. You can also become a member yourself to help support the Trust.

We’re very proud to have the Bumblebee Conservation Trust as our chosen charity and hope that with our support & your support, they will continue the amazing work they do for British bumblebees!


Each purchase you make from Nectar & Bumble helps the BBCT save the bumblebees and we’d like to thank everyone for their continued support!